Thank Ya'll for visiting and checking out some songs I wrote!!

My name is Johnny Mike Predovic.... just a [soon to be] 47 year-old man who writes songs and occasionally can sing and play a couple! LOL! For the last 28 years, I have been growing the the the tooling and machining trade. [You NEVER learn it all!]

However, I Grew up farming tobacco, soybeans, and wheat in Tennesse, but ole' Dad and Gramps milked the Dairy cows before moving here from Ohio in 1976.

But I am here just to share my songs. 

Some of these songs? Yeah, I can't sing them very well....I found others who are WAAAAY more talented than me and they saw a way to bring them to life! And, WOW! Did they ever!!

I don't have any quotes from critics praising my work....these songs are likely behind times or maybe, as I prefer to view them...."just waiting for the pendulum to swing back" to true country music again. And besides, on all those visits to Music Reps, songwriting resources, publishers, etc? I have learned that it is all subjective. If it sounds good? It IS good. Doesn't matter if the song is the projected market trend. 

I write songs about where people with grit live, have sweat, cried, laughed, and celebrated through.....because that is me.  It is the daily living of working-class people showcasing the redneck ups and downs of life - living and learning;  clinging to Our Lord Jesus throughout life. All that summed together makes a man redneck rich!! 

Not going to go into what brought me here, where I have been, or anything else other than to say that I LOVE MUSIC! And I love communicating through it! This website is an outlet and vehicle to share the music. 

What sets me apart from today's country music is that I write truly authentic emotional storylines as oppossed to commercial "whatever the market forces dictate" at the time. I have some INCREDIBLE professional musicians behind me on these song projects!! And on many occasions? I think those professionals find sweet release doing something meaningful, creative, and fun again. 

But Y'all be the judge....I am just sharing the tunes. 

Thanks again for taking the time to read and listen!! 

 God bless us all and America!!