Hey! Thanks for click'n in and checking out some creative, classic style, country music!! I know that is scarce these days, but if you are a working-class country music lover, and miss the focus on traditional message and melody in country music these days? Well...thanks for giving my songs a listen!!  These songs are professionally recorded, arranged, and produced! However,  the song projects are "songwriter demonstration" songs....meaning, I am not presenting them fully as a singer/songwriter "ARTIST." I did sing many of these works, but there are some professional vocalists and musicians who helped me out. I chose to present some of these songs with more professional vocals because I wanted them to be "pitch-worthy" to industry professionals.  I have given music credits for each song.

I wrote all these songs and set up this web site to pass them along to the public. Just click on the "Store" icon and give them a listen. If you like what you hear, the music is available free downloads with just a click.  All songs are copyrighted....visitors are welcome to listen and download songs for personal enjoyment but not to be reproduced in any commercial form and fashion without the written consent of Author/Owner. Thank you for stopping by!! 

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